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Saddles For Sale

Redwood Equine Services proudly offers both new and used saddles for sale. The brands we carry are both diverse and share a high quality standard to ensure horse and rider comfort. 

Albion Saddles have been continually developed over 25 years and are now recognized as one of the world's leading saddle brands. Albion saddles provide the optimum level of performance, comfort and durability, allowing horses and riders to perform at their best. Albion jump and dressage saddles are available on multitudes of tree options to fit the modern sport horses, and customizable to fit every riders needs.


Fairfax Saddles is renowned for its scientific design, development and testing. We make saddles, girths and bridles that are proven to relieve pressure and improve the horse’s performance, which is why they are chosen by some of the best riders in the world. Experienced saddlers make our saddles here in Walsall, England using a mixture of traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology.  

Fairfax Saddles


GFS Saddlery started in March 1981. The guiding principles were to follow 'traditional values ​​and craftsmanship' and combine them with the latest technology and innovation. GFS has built a worldwide reputation for top quality, affordable saddles for all riding disciplines. Adjustable trees, girthing options and flocking make these saddles an excellent choice for many horses and riders. 


Täkt Saddlery was formed by riders, for riders. Täkt only collaborates with the exceptional craftsmen and craftswomen of Walsall, England to design, develop, and trademark our exclusive line of dressage, hunt, and jump saddles. These handcrafted saddles can be fully customized to both fit your horse exceptionally, and to reflect your personal style.

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